The Musical Artistry of
Ray Cummins

“Ray Cummins is my good friend and one of the best finger pickers around.” – Chet Atkins

Ray Cummins is a legendary, internationally known guitarist.  He is one of the most entertaining guitar players in the world.  He has played many festivals, CONCERT HALLS, FAIRS, CHURCH GOSPEL CONCERTS, SUMMER CONCERT SERIES, GUEST ARTIST WITH THE POPS ORCHESTRAS, and has 11 songs for full symphony.  Please read below:

Ray Cummins has…
– performed with the legendary guitarist, LesPaul
– played on a compilation CD with Chet Atkins
– been a featured guitarist on over 500 shows with the late Kenny Price
– Made over 200 solo appearances on television, including Nashville Now & Hee Haw
– Played on the Grand Ole Opry

and much more!


Ray Cummins is my good friend and one of the best finger pickers around”. . . .the late Chet Atkins

“Ray Cummins is one of the best”
“Great Pickin” . . . . Les Paul

“The greatest guitarist I ever heard” . . . . . the late Al Hirt

He is known as a “Protege of Chet Atkins”.Capable of playing country, Gospel, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Folk.  He also performs as the “THE GUEST ARTIST” with the “POPS” orchestras – EVENING AT THE POPS” and has 11 songs for full symphony.

Ray plays over a 100 concerts a year.  He continues to do major TV news shows and talk radio reaching over one million people every year via this venue.

He is a “WORLD CLASS Artist”, not just another act among millions.
Ray Cummins has:

  • Been a featured guitarist on over 500 shows with the late Kenny Price.
  • Made over 200 solo appearances on television, including HEE HAW.
  • Played on THE GRAND OLD OPRY.
  • Soloed on Ernest Tubb’s MIDNIGHT JAMBOREE.
  • Performed hundreds of solo concerts at various colleges, music halls, etc.
  • Appeared on the Nashville Network Cable T.V. show, NASHVILLE NOW.
  • Played Concert with Leon Redbone.
  • Performed with St. Johns River City Band as a guest artist. This is a great brass band that played Carnegie Hall with Chet Atkins, conducted by Sam Fricano. Ray has appeared with them three times.
  • Shared the stage with such artists as Sylvia, Ernest Tubb, Bill Anderson, Don Gibson, Lenny Breau, Kenny Price, The Osborne Brothers, Cybil Shephard, Louie Nye, Roy Clark, Merle Travis, Betty Jean Robinson, Cal Smith, Leona Williams, Bill Monroe, Charlie Louvin, Billy Walker, Tex Ritter, Jim Hutton and many others.
  • Performed as Guest Artist with the JACKSONVILLE POPS.
  • Recorded with the gospel group, The Kingsmen.
  • Produced and played with RCA recording artist and Hee Haw star, Kenny Price.
  • Played on over 500 recordings as a studio musician.
  • Demonstrated for Gretsch Guitar Company and Ampro Amplifiers.
  • Demonstrated excellence in Flamenco, Pop, Rock, Jazz-Fusion, Gospel, Country and Classical.


“The greatest guitarist I ever heard” – Al Hirt


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