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Quotes from Ray’s peers

“Pure Christmas” CD Review

St. John’s River City Band

Nato Lima and Ray

Les Paul and Ray at the Iridium

“Summer Daze…End of the Road” Review

Photos, Ray and Friends over the years

Photos of Ray’s 2007 tour of Oklahoma and Missouri

Photos of Ray’s performance, May 28, 2007 Grand Opening Creation Museum

Ray in Finger Style Magazine






While looking around at The Antique Mall, A few people knew Ray and had been looking at a guitar and asked him if He would take a look at it lol you never know where and when you may play a concert lol



Christmas Concert  December 5, 2015




Ray getting ready to perform at Florence Baptist Church


Ray playing his see through Red Signature Guitar !



Ray Playing his McCullough, Ray Cummins Signature Guitar



Ray Playing a Corporae Concert



Ray in Finger Style Guitar Magazine !






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Ray as guest guitarist with St. John’s River City Band, Sam

Fricano conductor. Chet Atkins played with this band at

Carnegie Hall. Ray has played three concerts with them.

Look for Ray as guest artist with the Pops Orchestra in your city!


Ray hanging out with Nato Lima. Nato was a guest on the Johnny Carson show 35 times!
Nato and his brother were the famous Los Indios Tabajares. Their instrumental hit “Maria Elena” was a million seller. Nato also wrote “Blue Angel”.


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Ray playing with Les Paul at the Iridium in New York!










“Summer Daze…End of the Road” Review

by Palmer Moore, Ohio Fingerstyle Club!




Hands down, Ray Cummins is the most practiced and accomplished “note-for-note” Chet style guitarist in the world. He has dedicated his whole life to listening to and emulating his (and, our) great hero Chet Atkins. He also was a personal friend of the late master of finger style guitar, and learned a lot of his playing techniques first hand – with Chet’s blessing. And, because of this dedication, Ray has mastered the style, sound, clarity and most importantly – the feel of Chet’s music. And, he is quite the song writer, as well.

In a nutshell, “Summer Daze” is a great tune – a well written one with a wonderful flowing yet simple “humm-able” melody line. However, it is Ray’s performance embellishments that make this recording a candidate for a Grammy in my humble opinion. He “laces” this straightforward little melody (that even I can play) with brilliant impeccably played Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed runs, arpeggios, and licks, and some of his own including his “double-stop” creation.

On listening to it for the very first time it will have you humming along and wanting to pick up your guitar to play along – only to quickly discover that he has licks in it that only a true master of this sport can play – and, those that only Ray Cummins can play that cleanly…. And, to sound exactly like Chet… whew…

The only negative on this album is that it only has two songs on it. But, he is only asking SIX BUCKS for it… And, the other tune “End of the Road” is a beautiful single note line song, as well. Hey, still worth every penny of it…

Performed by: Ray Cummins “Summer Daze” – written and produced by Ray Cummins “End of the Road” – written by LA Reid, Babyface, Daryl Simmons, produced by Ray Cummins and Randy Hauser


Photos, Ray and Friends over the years

Ray and Chet Atkins, quite a few years ago.


Ray playing Chet’s Hascal Hale guitar for Tommy Jones back in the 70’s. This guitar is in the Smithsonian.


A young Ray Cummins playing his first Hascal Haile guitar. Ray was already playing some concerts of his own and working some with Kenny Price.


Ray Cummins and Ernest Tubb. Ray was playing his Gretsch Super Chet. While working with RCA recording artist Kenny Price, Ray worked around 160 shows with Ernest Tubb. Kenny featured Ray every night. Ray played the Grand Old Opry twice and soloed on the Ernest Tubb Midnite Jamboree Radio Show on WSM. Ernest always treated Ray great and always tried to promote him.


An earlier publicity photo of Ray.


Chet Atkins playing his Dorado.


Ray Cummins and Chet Atkins in Atlanta. That is Ray Cummins’ head on left. Ray is talking to Chet. Ray was demonstrating for Gretsch. Ray played 30 min while Chet listened. Ray said he kept asking Chet to play and Chet said no, go on and play.
Ray played San Francisco, Dizzy Fingers, Blue Angel, Copper Kettle, and others. Ray said Chet was very nice and it was a lot of fun. Then Chet played All Thumbs , Struttin and Down Home.
This photo was in Guitar Player Magazine.


Hascal Haile was one of the all time great guitar makers. He made beautiful handmade guitars for Chet Atkins and many others including Ray. Ray was very good friends with Hascal and his wife Ravenel.
This is Hascal holding Ray’s Haile #2.


Ray backstage before a Pops Symphony concert.


Ray Cummins playing his Dorado prismatone as guest artist with the POPS.


Roy Clark playing rhythm for Ray on Dizzy Fingers. Hascal Haile looking on. Both playing Haile guitars.


Ray getting ready to do TV show. Hascal’s brother, Tom Haile looking on. This is Ray’s Hascal Haile #3.



Ray and Louis Nye doing TV show.


Melody – she is the best fingerpicker!
This is my daughter, Melody, born in 1987. She was probably about 7 months old.


Ray Cummins, guest soloist with the St. John’s River City Band, Jacksonville, FL 1988. Sam Fricano conducting. Mr. Fricano was also the conductor for the Mantovani Orchestra.


Ray playing his Dorado.


Ray Cummins with the St. John’s River City Band at the Jacksonville Landing. Chet Atkins played with them at Carnegie Hall.


Ray as guest artist with the Symphony. 1989.


Ray and Melody, 1991.



Ray, Melody, Blues guitarist Lonnie Mack and Dumpy Rice doing outside gig. 1995.



Ray and good friend Ed Powers at the CAAS on the Main Stage in 1996.



Ray playing guitar with Prismatone Pickup. Built by friend Mike Zimmerman.


Ray with good friend Tony Rose, Indiana Fingerpickers.


Ray and his new guitar made from mostly baseball bats. Cincinnati, OH on Fountain Square in 2000.


Good friend, Bob Foster, Michiko and Nato Lima, Ray and Ruth Cummins at CAAS in 2001.


Ray doing a TV show in September 2002.


Ray with Mom and Dad at CAAS 2004.



Ray playing his Signature McCullough at CAAS 2005


John Pence, Ray Cummins and Ken Ham. John is the General Counsel for Answers In Genesis. Ken Ham, President/CEO of Answers in Genesis, Petersburg, KY.
This is when Ray played a Christmas concert there December, 2005.


Photos of Ray’s 2007 tour of Oklahoma and Missouri

Paul Yandell and Ray Cummins playing a duet 2006 CAAS.


Allan and Robin Bremmer – Ray and Ruth Cummins
2007 Oklahoma tour


Bill Hodges and Ray Cummins at Ray’s guitar clinic




Group picture of some friends who came to one of Ray’s concerts in Oklahoma.
Richard Hudson, who opened for Ray, Michael Johnson, Ray, Lawrence Hinman, Bill Hodges and thanks to Allen Bremmer who booked Ray at this concert.


Praying Hands at Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, OK


Ray Cummins in front of Praying Hands at ORU


Prayer Tower at ORU


Ray Cummins at ORU


Players from Branson that came to Ray’s concert.
Larry Kent, Jerry Ozee, Don Holmes, Ray and Dwayne Friend. Ray is holding his Ray Cummins Signature McCullough guitar.


Photos of Ray’s performance, May 28, 2007 Grand Opening Creation Museum

Ken Ham, President/CEO of The Creation Museum, Answers in Genesis, Petersburg, Ky May 28, 2007 opening day. Over 4000 people attended.


Ken Ham introducing Ray Cummins.


Ray Cummins performing at opening day at the Creation museum.






Ray and one of his fans at the Creation Museum



Ray pickin’ with good friends Jeff Ramey and John Pence.
Jeff playing his Gretsch Tennessee Rose, John with his Ray Cummins Signature McCullough, and Ray and his Gibson Country Gentleman.


Ray Cummins with singer-comedian-guitarist Jim Stafford CAAS, Chet Atkins Appreciation Society 2007


Ray Cummins and Paul Yandell in front of Chet’s Blazer, owned by Paul now. CAAS 2007.


Ray Cummins in concert playing his Signature McCullough guitar.


Pastor Bill Swad and Ray Cummins. Ray has played 4 concerts at his church.


Ray Cummins in concert September 15, 2007.


Ray Cummins playing his Gibson Country Gentleman, 2007.


Ray practicing. This guitar is Glen Hines’, Ray’s friend in Florida.


Ray Cummins in concert at a Church in Ohio, December 9, 2007.
Ray is playing Recuerdos De La Alhambra.


Granddaughter Trinity with Papa Ray. Ray’s first grandchild. Thanksgiving 2007.

Ray Cummins backstage warming up on another new guitar. After Christmas 2007 concert. Contact Ray to order a guitar.


Ray’s daughter Melody Ray.

April 2008-8 month old granddaughter Trinity, Ray and daughter Melody.

Trinty and papa Ray 4-2008 8 months.

Dig those guitar shoes.

Ray Cummins warming up backstage playing the Cascade stretch. Watch Ray play Cascade on this site or on youtube.

Thumbpick maker and good friend Fred Kelly, guitarist John Standefer and Ray Cummins at CAAS 2008.

Tony Migliore and Ray Cummins. Tony played piano and conducted for Chet Atkins for almost 20 years. He is a virtuoso player and currently conducts for Don McClean. Tony has conducted for most of the POPS symphonies in the country. Tony played with Ray in Nashville, 2008 CAAS.






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